Darussalam International, at the global level, is a well known and prestigious name in the publication and distribution of Islamic books. By the Grace of Allah, it has published the translation of the Holy Quran in 25 global languages. It has published more than 1400 authentic Islamic books in different languages of the world in a very unique and beautiful style.  Neither its publishing activities are hidden from people nor can its propagation and preaching efforts be denied. It has its network in more than 30 countries. Darussalam has not gained this status in two or three years but the duration of its efforts and golden services reaches up to more than a quarter of a century. By the Grace of Allah, this is the result of God-fearing leadership and day & night struggles of honorable Abdul Malik Mujahid, the founder of this institution, and untiring hard work and sincere efforts of more than 250 research scholars, experts, and workers of the institution. اللَّهُمَّ زِدْ فَزِدْ

Darussalam Trust

In 2003 AD, Darussalam established a welfare institution by the name of ‘Darussalam Trust’ to fulfill spiritual, social and nutritional needs of humans. It has been got registered regularly by the Government of the Punjab. The registration number is PP/120/12.

Objectives and Aims of Darussalam Trust

The objective of the establishment of Darussalam Trust is service of mankind and gaining the Pleasure of Allah.  During last ten years, the achievements of the Trust, in public services and social welfare, are the beautiful part of the golden traditions of Darussalam. Now let us take a view of welfare services of Darussalam Trust.