Expansion of Mosque

Launches an upward expansion program of DARUSSALAM MOSQUE (from single to a double storey building), occupying the area of almost 17000 square feet.

Key Features of the New Construction

  • Prayer hall 84×40
  • An impressive library
  • A computer lab
  • New washrooms
  • Three residential apartments for the teachers

Estimated Expense 20 Million Rupees

Charitable donations are welcomed with open arms by the trust authorities


Qurtuba Islamic Research Centre

Islamic Sessions to be held at Qurtuba Islamic Research Centre in the month of Ramadan, 2017.

Just like the previous years, this year as well brings a plenty of opportunities to learn Deen(Islamic Principles) at the very prestigious Qurtuba Islamic Research Centre, Lower Mall, Darussalam.

A detailed programming schedule is given as under:

image here

Come and join us. We cordially invite you to our new range of Islamic programs to be held this Ramadan.

Ramadan Food & Zakat Ul Fitr

Darussalam Trust provide Ramadan Food packages and distribute Zakat Fitrah among the needy and the poor.

Ramadan Food

By the Grace of Allah for last many years, Ramadan Food Packets are being distributed in the holy month of Ramadan among the workers of Darussalam, teachers of Quranic centers, poor families, relatives, and friends. This food package consists of everyday food items.

Zakat Ul Fitr

Every year, before Eid ul-Fitr, under auspices of Darussalam Trust, the Fitrah is distributed among the needy and the poor, so that they may enjoy the pleasures of the Eid along with other Muslims. For this purpose, rice and wheat are bought and distributed amongst the poor and the needy one or two days before Eid.